Bank protection

Types of bank protection include:

  1. Protect bank headquarters
  2. Protect ATM machines
  3. Protect transferring money


  1. Protect bank headquarters
  • Prevent bad guys from disguising as customers to steal money. Guards must get experience to classify these bad guys and detect suspicious people before they act, suggest approriate solutions to stop their actions.
  • Prevent pickpockets from blending into the crowd to steal customer and bank officer’s properties. Therefore, guards should have the solutions from far away to detect suspicious guys, go around a lot, frequently glance at customers, especially near the transaction desk.
  • Prevent bad guys from making security guards neglecting and taking advantage of this to break into the bank.
  • Raise awareness of fire and explosion incidents to have appropriate solutions.
  • Security guards are trained to increase awareness, support and protect customers withdrawing the large amount of money , especially when customers go out of the bank.
  • Remind customers to comply with general rules of the bank.
  1. Protect at ATM machine
  • Ensure safety, protect from destroying at ATM machine
  • Ensure customer’s properties will be safe when they make the transaction at ATM
  1. Escort to transport money
  • Always check supporting devices before conducting this
  • Transporting money must be comply with the procedures for each type of transfer since receiving orders for transfer, packaging, sealing money, keeping, loading and unloading on vehicles, transporting on the roads, loading and unloading from vehicles, delivering money and completing necessary procedure.
  • Transporting money will be implemented when having orders and must be signed by authority which is suitable for each way of transfer.
  • People participating in transfering money will include 03 people: drivers, escorts, and security guards. Those who do not relate to this job are not allowed to be on the transporting money cars.
  • Vehicles for transporting money must be the cars used for special purposes.
  • Loading and unloading money must be done quickly with supervising from responsibility people.
  • Money transfer vehicles must be parked at the right place, make sure for safety before loading and unloading money. For basement transaction points, vehicles must be parked in the basements. For non- basement points, vehicles will be parked near the main entrance with the vehicle tails directed inward.
  • Vehicles transporting money must ensure to follow the roadmap, in case of change must be approved by the authorized person.
  • Money transfer vehicles must ensure to follow the schedule and route as plan. Authorized people must approve in case there are any changes.
  • If vehicles must be stopped due to unexpected reasons (traffic light, traffic jam,..), security guards must observe around carefully. In case of detecting suspects, guards should notify authorized people immediately. Moreover, if the vehicles are broken down, notify the responsible people about the place the car are stopped.
  • If incidents happen on the ways transfering money, security guards should try to remember and describe robbery’s appearance, costume, characteristics, directions, and motorcycle numbers. Call 113 to notify police agency immediately. Moreover, find solutions basing on current situation.